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  • Product Brief Introduction
  • Products Name:Sweeper Battery 3-DG-180
  • Battery Size:Length 260MM * Wide 180MM * Shell Height 245MM * Total Height 288MM
  • 5-hour Discharge Rate:180AH
  • Liquid Weight:30KG
Product details:

Battery is the major power of the electric sweeper to complete the automatic sweeping and cleaning function with no secondary pollution and zero emissions, which is welcomed by enterprises and institutions for the feature of green environmental protection. The electric sweeper is equipped with a water injector to reduce the dust generated during the operation. The operation is simple and flexible. It has a strong adaptability to the sweeping space. Generally, it is mostly in small size and can be operated only by one person. It can be used in different places such as streets, courtyards, plazas, workshops, etc., especially the places where large sweepers cannot reach. "DW" sweeping-car battery has a unique deep-cycle design, thick plate and high density of active material, which has a longer life in deep-cycle applications. And it can meet the market supply of vehicles for sweeping vehicles. Welcome to use.

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